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Budget Website Design

System 3 Internet provide budget web design for businesses and charities in Barnsley, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Chesterfield and throughout Yorkshire, and we understand that some organisations are either a little unsure about 'dipping their toes' into the world of the Internet or have limited funds for developing a website. Whilst we would always advocate having a bespoke website created for your business, so that it fits your individual requirements perfectly, a budget website offers a lower cost alternative.

One size fits all?

If you are seriously considering a budget website you should be immediately aware of a few things, so that you don't end up disappointed with the finished article. First of all you should realise that the majority of website design firms who offer budget websites will use something called a template for your site. In other words they will use an existing design, in terms of both the graphic design and the programming, that they will have used many times before, for many different clients, and will only alter the template slightly, in terms of adding your own logo and your own text and images.

We don't want our website to look like a thousand others!

If you are genuinely concerned about your website having a generic appearance then you should probably forget about a budget template-based website altogether and get a bespoke one.

Is there a third way?

At System 3 we offer something a little less generic with regards to budget websites. We offer a limited amount of design time so that what you get is something that is more suited to your business. Although the amount of design time can't compete with that of a bespoke website, quite obviously, we use the limited design time allocated to budget projects efficiently in order to give you something a little more interesting, and therefore more suited to your business, than a mere template-based one.

Budget websites designed to be expandable if you want add more features

Unlike the majority of our competitors our budget websites are created with expandability in mind, so that if in the future you would like to expand or improve your site it will be possible to do so. Many design firms that offer budget sites will not extend them and if you need more features or upgrades then you are forced to start again and therefore pay much more money in the process.

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